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14 March 2013

Welcome to the first edition of O’Maras Insights, Australia’s leading valuation and auction specialists. As one of Australia’s premier valuation, asset management and auctioneering companies, O’Maras Valuers & Auctioneers has experience across a wide variety of industry segments. We offer a full-service consultancy and bring the experience, systems to deal with large scale matters but also the hands on nature to individually meet the specific needs of each client. 

Each edition we will be discussing a range of topics and issues regarding the current market place, trends, achievements that benefit and affect you as the consumer and business owner.  These insights you can take from O’Maras 30+ years of experience.

Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 we have seen much change in the market place and how business is conducted in today’s environment. We have seen some long standing brands struggle with crippling debt & get taken over whilst others like the retail sector struggle with the change in online trade with overseas brands selling stock cheaper than what you can get in store. We have also seen the lowest Interest rates from the Reserve Bank with most waiting to hear what the movement is the first Tuesday of each month.

We have found that the digital space has expanded and that the online auction space has grown. The issue we have experienced in this space is that the hands on nature you get with dealing with a client personally is still desirable. We understand that everyone is so busy these days that not all are available to attend an onsite auction. Seeing how the current online space has evolved, we wanted to offer a unique experience to the consumer which is a far cry beyond today’s trends.

This is why we would like to announce with great excitement that O’Maras have partnered with Proxibid in the United States, the world's largest, most trusted online marketplace for buying and selling high value and specialised assets, to meet the needs of the Australian market. This will enable O'Maras to deliver timed auctions and live online webcast auctions with real time bidding, making it possible for buyers to participate in our auctions from anywhere in the world. O'Maras has also been appointed as the exclusive reseller for the Proxibid online auction tool in the Australian market.

This is an exciting time for O’Maras and the Australian Market as we want to give a unique personable experience to anyone that deals with us. The service that an individual receives reflects on the business at hand and that is why we will keep our standards high to look after your every need.

Each edition we hope our insights spark conversations with the ever changing environment. We hope you will join the conversation on Twitter, join our Linkedin & Facebook page to see what O’Maras has on offer.  

We look forward to each time bringing you something new and exciting and igniting discussion around the world. 


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