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Live Auction Online as good as being in the Auction room

23 March 2016

There are many auction bidding systems that let you bid online for a live auction, however these simple online bidding programs often don’t give you a feel for the mood of the room or how hot the auction is going to run.

With the help of our innovative auction software, Proxibid, O’Maras recently ran an auction live from Albany WA where, using innovative technology, bidders online across the country were effectively “in the room” with the other bidders and auctioneer.
The auction, held in conjunction with Ross’s Auctions proved to be a huge success. The onsite attendance was fantastic and the active online bidders were chasing the larger assets and concrete preform products. The sale realised 50% greater than expectations with significant price drive from online bidders. Both of Ross’s Auctions auctioneers had never used a system as innovative and “real time” as this and they all thought it was easy to work with, almost as if the online bidder was beside you at the site. 

O’Maras are one of the most experienced auction houses in Australia. The expertise of O’Maras Valuers & Auctioneers comes from our combined over 50 years’ experience, knowledge and know-how. These years of training allow us to utilise proven layout strategies and implement effective marketing campaigns to ensure your sale achieves the best outcome. 

O’Maras employ leading edge technology to ensure our auctions continue to deliver the best results for customers.


Live Auction Online as good as being in the Auction room

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